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  • No hacks, duping or mods of any sort that give you an unfair advantage over other players. Yes this includes x-ray and transparent texture packs. However, you are allowed to use mods such as a mini-map, mapper, etc.
  • No spamming or advertising
  • No harrassment or griefing of any kind
  • No taking other people's resources or possessions without their permission.
  • No killing other players unless they are willing to fight with you.

Server Specs

Server CPU RAM OS Misc.
Dell PowerEdge 2850 [x2] Intel Xeon dual core 2.8 GHz 8.0 GB DDR2 ECC CentOS 6.3 Backup: Every midnight
Map: Rendered daily

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What is this page for?

The Minecraft server is monitored for uptime and logs the number of users logged on throughout the day. If the server should go offline, the status will change and a note will be posted here.

If you are experiencing problems connecting with the server and do not see a note addressing it, please email support@modeconkey.com